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Dale Robin Goodman: Bio

Dale Robin has been singing since she was a young child in Brooklyn, New York .... when her mother and aunt used to sing harmonies in the kitchen. Dale Robin joined in as soon as she could talk, and she used to get into a bit of hot water keeping her older brother Eugene awake, singing under the blankets late into the night.

Dale Robin's teenage years were spent avoiding school and listening to the likes of Richie Havens, Pete Seeger, Buzzy Linhart, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Paxton, Paul Siebel, Bonnie Raitt, David Bromberg and so many others in Central Park and Prospect Park. By the time brother Eugene forgave her for all those nights of endless singing, he was playing blues harp with players all over New York. With her brother and his friends for a musical guide, Dale Robin found rich and varied musical influences in blues, traditional folk songs, bluegrass and in the music of the songwriters of the day. She saved her allowance and babysitting money and bought a 1971 Guild F30 guitar. This is the guitar she still plays today.

From the artists she heard in the parks and on the streets, Dale Robin was led to a more traditional musical sound in part through her friendship with renowned ethno-musicologist and all around musical genius, Henry Sapoznik. Pals and siblings-by-choice, Dale and Hank spent endless hours listening to old time music. Henry's influence led Dale Robin to listen to old recordings and as much source material as she could fine.

It was in college in Fredonia, New York, that Dale Robin found her own musical wings. Inspired by the welcoming and vibrant folk music community there, she began collecting songs and playing at coffeehouses. In the mid 70's through the early 80's she was instrumental in organizing the weekly Unicorn Coffeehouse music series. As folk musicians would pass by on Interstate 90 when traveling to and from New England and the Midwest, they would stop for rest, hospitality and music in Fredonia. Dale Robin had the opportunity to learn many songs from these artists passing through her town, and thus began her journey as a "songhunter".

Finding a good song is her passion and her consuming interest. If you know of any good ones, please email her! Through the late 70's through the early 80's Dale Robin was a member of The Underdog String Band, playing old time music throughout Chautauqua County, NY. From weekly contra dances to a state-funded tour of community concerts in rebuilt and restored gazebos all over the county, the Underdogs specialized in traditional tunes and songs, early bluegrass, some blues and contemporary songs.

Twice evicted from apartments because of the late night music parties and fiddle and guitar-totin' folkies going up and down the stairs, Dale Robin left Fredonia for North Carolina to accept a position working with the children of migrant farm worker families. The music of the area was a strong pull for her, and her travels through farm country for her work brought her in contact with many traditional musicians, and so many tunes!

A move to Maine in the late 80's changed her focus to full time parenting her two boys, Seth and Aaron. The boys are fine musicians in their own right and they have even written a couple of songs with their Mom! Son Aaron has his own singing group, The Pepperell Squares. They sang at the celebration of her marriage to New Zealander Murray Dellow in June of 2010.

A long time interest in alternative radio sparked a career change to a "day job" as the Development Director with WMPG Community Radio of Southern Maine. A concern for the vanishing venues for free speech and creative, local programming in the broadcast media is the motivation for this professional move. Since late 2009, Dale Robin has been gigging in support of "Sweet and Salty", her first solo recording, released in June 2009 on Wepecket Island Records. In the summer of 2012, Dale Robin completed her contributions to the Wepecket island Records compilation, "Banjo Babes," due to be released in October 2012.

All of Dale Robin's music - whether solo or performed with various musical comrades, is inspired by a passion for the music of real people; the songs that tell the stories of America... the melodies and poetry that bring us all together and the disparate traditions that blend into the delicious and varied palate of American music.