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To celebrate the release of Wepecket Island Records' "Banjo Babes" Dale Robin is offering a 2 for $25 special. One copy each of "Banjo Babes" and "Sweet & Salty" for a total of $25.

Dale Robin will sign, wrap and ship if your purchase is a gift.

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Dale Robin Goodman is a song hunter, always in search of songs from a variety of ethnic, geographical and thematic genres.

A good song is her passion, and she believes that the old ones - the lovely gems of days past-are the songs too quickly cast aside and forgotten. "There are lessons about life in those songs", she says "clues to the ways in which life was more honest and clear back in those times".

There are new songs, too - often written by a current-day, little-known songwriter, but with music and message that she feels should be heard.

With rich voice and quick humor, Dale Robin's performances are dotted with love songs, songs of work, hard times and the struggles of the working class, old time blues, songs of optimism and thoughtful intent and an occasional sing-along. She arrives at a show with a car full of instruments - guitar, banjo, Appalachian dulcimer, acoustic bass guitar and spoons - and along with those instruments, she brings her energy and her love for the music to the stage. Her audiences will laugh, sing and possibly yodel along.

Dale Robin's optimism and warmth shine through her music and are present in her anecdotes about her life growing up in Brooklyn, living with comedically aging parents and raising hilariously offbeat children. Dale Robin's first solo CD, "Sweet and Salty," on Wepecket Island Records, is available right here. She'll be gigging with her Sweet and Salty collaborators throughout 2012. Dale Robin is now celebrating the April 2013 release of "Banjo Babes," a Wepecket Island Records collection of songs and tunes performed by six banjo-playing Wepecket women.

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