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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

Old Green Sweater

(Dale Robin Goodman)
Dan Berggren

Somebody made this old sweater From six or seven big green balls of yarn Look how it surrounds me, how it wraps around me Just like being hugged by loving arms You know I love my old green sweater I’ve worn it for years and it feels good as new There’s just one thing that warms me better That’s your love…that’s you. Who took time to shear the wool and card it I don’t suppose that I’ll ever know Who did all the spinning, that was only the beginning Before love was knitted into every row Cho Somebody made this old sweater You can tell that it wasn’t by machine ‘Cause every stitch in every row was knitted nice and slow From some wool that was dyed so dark and green Cho Some folks have drawers just crammed with sweaters While others have none to keep them warm But I’ve got one that has your touch, that’s why it means so much And I’ll wear it when it’s mended or it’s torn Cho That’s the one who made this sweater, that’s you