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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

True Blues

(Dale Robin Goodman Lockman)
Dana Pearson

Six plus six is thirteen or fourteen or ten Let me grab my calculator and try that again My math is shaky but this much I know is true I get zero babe when I divide me from you My modifier’s dangling, I think I might blush I’ll mend my split infinitive but I don’t want to rush I may have failed English but this much I know is true I’ll be so sad and lonely if I can’t conjugate with you History’s written by the winners, you don’t hear from those who lose That’s why it’s Columbus who discovered us in 1592 Don’t trust those history books but this much I know is true Hannibal got over the Rockies but I can’t get over you The Danube’s in Australia, Mt. Everest in Japan If you want the state capitals I’ll name all forty if I can Geography ain’t my strong point but this much I know is true The lowest point on the earth babe is me without you I hear the stars are dying, I know just how they feel The moon is cold and lonely but not without appeal I’m not sure about the heavens but this much I know is true The sun can’t sink much lower than me without you And when I get to heaven standing at the gate They’ll tell me you didn’t make it and I’ll mutter “Great” This place is supposed to be so hot but this much I know is true Gonna stir some trouble up here till I’m sent down to you