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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

Maple Sweet

(Dale Robin Goodman Lockman)
Poem by PB Fisk

When you see the vapor pillar link the forest and the sky Then you know the maple sugar season’s drawing nigh Frosty night and thaw-y days make the maple pulses play ‘Til congested by its sweetness they delight to bleed away Chorus: Bubble (5x) goes the pan Furnish better music for the season if you can See the golden billows, watch their ebb and flow Sweetest joys indeed we sugar makers know When you see the farmer trudging with his dripping buckets home The you know the maple sugar season it has come Fragrant odors pour through the open cabin door And the eager children rally, ever crying loudly “more!” You may wax it you may grain it fix it any how to eat You will always smack your lips and say ‘tis very very sweet Had King David tasted some, 'neath his cedar palace dome Maple sugar’d have the praises of the honey and the comb And for home-, or love-, or any kind of sickness, ‘tis the thing Take in allopathic doses, and repeat it every spring Why, the greenest leaves you see on the spreading maple tree They sip and sip all summer, til those autumn beauties be Now… you say you don’t believe it? Get a saucer and a spoon. Though you’re sourer than a lemon, you’ll be sweeter very soon Til everyone you meet, at home or on the street They’ll have half a mind to bite you for you look so very sweet.