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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

Movin' Day

(Dale Robin Goodman Lockman)
Norman Woodlief Charlie Poole

The landlord said this morning to me Give me the key, this rent ain't free I can't get no rent out of you So pack up your clothes and skidoo, you I'm just waiting for my Bill to come home He's my honey from the honeycomb Bill said he’d never leave me alone this morning CHORUS: Because it’s moving day, moving day Rip the carpet right off of the floor Get on your overcoat and get out the door Because it's moving day, pack up your clothes and get away If you can’t pay the rent you gotta live out in a tent Because it's movin' day Bill come in all covered with snow I said, "Hello. Gimme some dough.. Here's the landlord waitin' for rent." But Bill says, "I ain't got a cent.” So…I'll be leavin' just as soon as I can Come and get me, mister landlord man, I'm goin' back to Dixieland this mornin', because it's ...