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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

Where Did You Get That Hat?

(Dale Robin Goodman Lockman)
J.J. Sullivan, James Romalz, additional lyrics by Seth and Aaron Lockman

Chorus Where did you get that hat Where did you get that tile Isn't it a knobby one In all the grandest style I wish I could have one Just the same as that Wherever I go they shout "Hello, where did you get that hat?" Now how I came to get this hat Is very strange and funny My grandmother died and left to me Her property and money When the will it was read out They told me straight and flat If I's to have her money I must also wear her hat Chorus When I go to the concert hall In the concert season Someone's is sure to shout at me Without the slightest reason When I go to the opera house To have a jolly spree There's one or two sopranos Who are sure to shout at me Chorus When my friend Don Barry Had his last birthday party I was amongst the guests there, Who were welcomed true and hearty. The Prince of Wales was also there, And it filled my heart with glee, When Don told me the prince Would like to have a word with me, Chorus Additional verse written by Seth and Aaron Lockman with help from their mother One day a space ship landed In the woods behind my house The door opened up and little green men Came running all about They shot at me with laser guns Until they saw my head Then they dropped all of their weapons And walked up to me and said Chorus, then … yes it’s Take me to your leader And where did you get that hat Greetings Earthling! Where DID you get that hat?!