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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

A Taste of You

(Dale Robin Goodman Lockman)

Today I seem to crave a little taste of something fine Some caviar or chocolate or fancy French wine But nothing seems to satisfy this something I desire I think I’ll have to call you up and tell you on the wire Chorus: I need a taste of you Oh I need a taste of you No nothin’s gonna do it to settle down this fire I tell you babe my situation’s getting’ kind of dire I need a taste of you, I need a taste of you.. I’m walking thru the grocery store, searchin’ down the aisles No cookie cakes no nuthin’ here that’s stacked up way in piles It’s something sweet and salty that it seems I’m longin’ for And it has been too long since you’ve been knockin’ at my door Chrous I’m in my favorite restaurant, I read the bill of fare But they don’t have the thing I want anywhere in there I’m feeling round just tryin’ to find this somethin’ that I need Then you come in, sit right down and I don’t have to plead Chorus