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Dale Robin Goodman: Music

One, I Love

(Dale Robin Goodman Lockman)
Jean Ritchie

All my friends fell out with me Because I kept your company Let them say whatever they will My love I love with a free good will Cho: One, I love, Two, he loves Three, he’s true to me They tell me he’s poor, and they tell me he’s young I tell them all to hold their tongue If they could part the sand and the sea They might part my love and me Cho Now it’s over the mountains he must go Because his fortune is so low With an aching heart and a troubled mind For leaving his love so far behind Cho When I’m awake I find no rest Until your head lies on my breast And when I’m asleep I’m dreamin’ of My one, my dear, my absent love. Cho When the fire to ice does turn And when the icy seas do burn And when the rocks do melt in the sun My love for you has just begun Cho